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On Saturday, August 28th, participants in the NC Fusion Foundation’s Referee Development Project (RDP) took another step toward receiving their Level 8 Referee Certification when they completed their on-field training.  The RDP is in its second full year of existence after COVID-19 cut short the 2019-2020 program.  In total ten participants from Greensboro and Winston-Salem will complete the year long program.  Participants in the RDP receive referee training, evaluations, and game placement opportunities throughout their first year of refereeing. In addition, participants also attend personal development workshops to be better prepared to navigate the opportunities and obstacles they will encounter in life.  The goals of the RDP are:


  1. Train quality youth referees
  2. Develop essential leadership skills
  3. Promote financial responsibility
  4. Expose students to the academic

and career opportunities available

to them in the future

Pictured here are three of our female referees from the 2019 program with US National referee Tori Penso.  These young women are still refereeing and serve as senior leaders for this year’s cohort.


If you are interested in supporting this or other programs at the Foundation, donate here.

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