About US

The NC Fusion Foundation is a program that has been established to serve as the outreach and fundraising arm of the club. The foundation, established in 2018, focuses exclusively on offering support services to disadvantaged club families including financial assistance regardless of the economic situation.



The mission of NC Fusion Foundation is to take sport to the community and provide financial support to play sports. We believe that sports is a powerful tool for personal and social change and our programs are designed to engage children from elementary school through high school.  By providing trained coaches, quality fields, and access to playing, coaching and refereeing opportunities our goal is to enhance the development of the individual, their family, their community and the sport.


How We Do IT: 

Financial assistance program

Work credit assistance program

Club and program education

Ensuring the Club has specific engagement and communication resources to support our Hispanic families

Bi-lingual staff member dedicated to assisting Hispanic families


Why We Do It:

To empower families and players to take responsibility for their own experience in the program using the resources provided.

To assist our club in reflecting the diversity which exists within our community.

To ensure Foundation Funding: To continue to find opportunities to fund the NC Fusion Foundation at a level that ensures that all players, regardless of financial situation, have the opportunity to participate in all NC Fusion programming.

Contact Us

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