Victor E: Former Youth Leader turned Air Reserveman and Future Doctor

Even at an early age, Victor had always dreamt of having the opportunity to create a better life for his family. Born in Nigeria, he migrated over to the U.S. where he was able to immerse himself in his passion for sports and working with youth. Through our NC Fusion Foundation, he was introduced to our Saturday Soccer Program where it allowed him step into a leadership role leading activities and mentoring the younger generation through education and life skills. “Soccer was a passion of mine, but I knew I had another calling and that was to help those who grew up and looked like me” Victor said. Putting his personal playing days aside, he continued to become an inspirational figure amongst his peers by serving in the community.  His dedication and hard work allowed for him to become a member of our Youth Leaders Corp Program at UNCG.  Victor was committed to running the activities in the Project Effort sports club for kids from the Center for New North Carolinians. He continued to serve his community after his high school graduation helping as a tutor and mentor in the Soccer and Studies program. To help his friends pay for their soccer fees, he also volunteered to work at swim meets, concessions and other Fusion events.

A graduate from Page High School, Victor deferred acceptance to UNC Charlotte and attended community college for a year while he waited for the government to process his immigration documents. Although he enjoyed volunteering with the Foundation during this time, he also decided to join the Air Force Reserve.  Like many of our refugee players, he chose military service as a way to help him pursue his goals and afford college.  Victor is a pre-Med student at UNC Charlotte and works as a dental assistant in the Air Force Reserve. He hopes these experiences will open doors for him to become a pediatrician where he can continue to give back and serve. “I simply want to show the youth that with hard work and effort you can achieve anything…I want to be able to provide for my family and prove to my ten-year-old brother that our purpose on earth is to add value anyway we can, no matter the circumstance’s… this is my way of adding value back to my community and my people.”

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